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Grub Control

Lawn grubs are the larvae of a variety of scarab beetles, including Japanese and June beetles, and are one of the most common and destructive lawn pests. They feed on the roots of grass and organic matter, creating unsightly brown patches and extensive turf damage. Early signs of grub infestation can include gradual thinning, yellowing, and wilting of grass even with adequate soil moisture and irregular dead patches of grass. The patches can grow and join together until large turf areas are affected. Grass with grub infestation may also feel spongy underfoot and due to the root damage and consumption, will often pull and roll up easily like a carpet. Further turf destruction and damage can come from birds, moles, raccoons and skunks digging up and tunneling through your lawn to feed on the grubs.

Grub infestation can cause serious damage to the health and appearance of your lawn. A fall lawn renovation and reseeding to repair grub damage can cost triple the amount of a preventative grub treatment itself! Our Grub Prevention Program offers homeowners a quick and highly effective solution to grub infestations. Grubs will not go away on their own and without preventative action will likely continue to return each year. If you have spotted or suspect grubs in your lawn, take action and protect your turf by calling The Yard Pest Dr for a free lawn inspection and analysis to prevent further long-term damage.

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