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Mosquito Control

The warmer months in Connecticut can go by quick and nothing can ruin the enjoyment of being outside in your yard like mosquitoes. Besides the itchy, irritating bites they can leave you with they are also responsible for the spread of many diseases including Zika virus, West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Chikungunya virus, Malaria and Dengue. Our integrated plan for mosquito management combines the knowledge of the mosquito’s biology, life cycle and preferred breeding and harborage areas which allows us to effectively target multiple stages in the mosquito life cycle.  

We will conduct a complete inspection of your property to identify harborage areas and make recommendations on how you can reduce favorable breeding and resting areas. This can mean something as simple as removing or regularly emptying buckets, containers, birdbaths and kiddie pools to unclogging gutters and filling ditches and treeholes. Since one female can lay 250 eggs in one batch and within one week those can turn into 250 adult mosquitoes in your backyard, breeding source reduction is an important component of a successful mosquito control plan. Ask about our larvicide treatment options for treating areas where standing water can't be eliminated to prevent mosquitoes from hatching.

After a complete property inspection and analysis including source reduction, we would apply a highly effective barrier treatment to your property with focused concentration on breeding and harborage areas. Our program is repeated every three weeks to provide the most consistent protection. Every property is unique, and for that reason we will adjust that schedule to meet your individual needs. However, please keep in mind that weather conditions, as well as physical and environmental circumstances will affect the duration of the residual benefits.


Mosquito control treatment packages can be combined with tick control treatments for full season protection coverage.


Ask about our other biting fly treatment options including black fly and midges.

One Time Event Service

Do you have an outdoor party or cookout coming up soon? When your family and friends talk about your party or event, the last thing you want them to remember is how they were bitten up by mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects! The only thing that you want your guests to take away from your event is the memory of a great time so call us to schedule a treatment a few days before your event.

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